Tennis Identity

Cheap Tennis Fix under $20. Flair for Your Strings.

Ace of Spades dampener Atomic symbol dampener Red Heart Vibration Dampener

Tennis racquet vibration dampeners are designed to reduce the shock you feel when hitting a ball. Some people use them, some don't. If you do, express yourself baby.

Unlike the movie Office Space, less is more when it comes to flair. Suit your mood or interests, or have one custom made for your team. Find them at String-a-ma-jig. $4 each for ready-mades.

Tennis-Warehouse has all the brand name logo'd ones: Babolat, Prince, Gamma, Wilson and more…

Classic smiley Vibration DampenerString-a-mag-jig has the "smiley" Novak Djokovic used to use. I miss it. He's got a HEAD one in at the moment. That's the contract talking.