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Learn From Landon Donovan. What’s Your Formula?

Landon Donovan Outside Magazine's January 2011 issue has a great article out on Landon Donovan. If you need a New Year fitness motivator, Donovan is your man. No Donovan's not a tennis player but he is one of the fittest guys on the planet and tennis players could learn a lot from him.

In the article Donovan talks about his training routines, hydration, diet and rest regime referring to doing it all right as ""…the exact formula.'" "'Landon grasps the entire concept of what goes into making a fit player,'" says Ben Yauss, Galaxy's strengthening and conditioning coach in the article. If you've watched the guy play you understand what Yauss means.

Fitness and nutrition are a big part of today's tennis game. Have you found a formula for tennis success? Tell us about it and TennisIdentity may feature you in an upcoming addicted spotlight. Send your regime to: tips (at)