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Novak Djokovic’s New Stick + HEAD Introduces New Racquet Lines for 2011.

Novak Djokovic hits Australia with a new HEAD racquet in hand, the YouTek IG Speed MP 18/20. This is just one racquet in two groups of new tennis racquets being released by HEAD.

Djokovic’s new stick is part of the new YouTek Extreme Series that incorporates new Innegra Technology with the d3o material that was/is the essence of YouTek that was introduced in 2010.  Innegra improves stability and shock absorption and provides consistent performance over the entire life of the frame.

The Youtek IG Extreme series is specially designed for the baseline player that depends on power and spin and have a long swing style. According to HEAD Innegra™ boasts the lowest density of any existing fibre and, combined with carbon fibre, forms an ultra-tough hybrid-composite structure. The result: improved stability and increased shock absorption. Racquet vibration from ball impact is reduced by up to 17 percent, yielding unique control and precision.

The four models of the YouTekTM IG Extreme Line line have their technology integrated into the layup of the racquets. It is highlighted by a new shaft which, due to its comfortable ergonomic shape, is also optimized for the double-handed backhand player. The racquet provides a more solid feel and sound on court and better touch on the ball. The secret: a special cross section which provides more torsional stiffness in the shaft.

The distinctive black-and-yellow Extreme also sets trends in racquet design, with modern and aggressive design elements. HEAD player Ivan Ljubicic syas that the Extreme “It is a very powerful racquet, if not the most powerful on the Tour. It helps me a lot with my serve, but also to give the ball rotation with topspin and slice.”
The new Extreme range includes Pro, MP, Elite and OS models:

See below for more details on the different IG Extreme versions:
• YouTekTM IG Extreme Pro: All of the benefits of the Extreme in a heavier, stiffer version. This racquet provides all of the extra touch, power and spin you want for an aggressive game.
• YouTekTM IG Extreme MP: The Extreme’s perfect combination of weight and balance allows it to be very quick through the air, while still providing a rock-solid feel.
• YouTekTM IG Extreme Elite: This newly shaped frame has a bigger head size and less weight for increased spin. With new HEAD YouTek™ technology it provides maximum power and a unique solid feel.
• YouTekTM IG Extreme OS: The Extreme OS shares many of the characteristics of the Extreme MP, with a wider frame geometry that provides increased spin and fewer miss-hits, ensuring maximum power with solid feel and touch.

Please note that three of the YouTek IG Speed models will hit stores the week of January 17, 2011 (YouTek IG Speed MP 16/19, YouTek IG Speed MP 18/20 and YouTek IG Speed Lite).  The other two models will be available in early March (YouTek IG Speed 300 and YouTek IG Speed Elite).