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Ruffles and mesh style up Lija’s Fall 2011 tennis collection. First up Neo.

Lija Neo Group Fall 2011 Lija is releasing two fall groups this season. Up first, Neo. This collection brings on a few ruffles as well as some great mesh infused looks.

Seems women can't get enough of that most girly of accents, the ruffle. They're back again but here adding more texture than fluff. Sophisticated in black, pictured left is the Love Ruffle Tank, $70, racer back with ruffles down the front. It's paired here with the Compression Crush Skort, $85. There is a matching ruffle skort as well, $80 (both ruffle pieces are also available in white) 

Other pieces I love in this group are the hot looking black Balance Release jacket that looks almost like a wrap (see inset left), the EnergizeTank (not pictured here but offered in black and neo red) and the Mesh Skort. All pieces are body "hugging" (aka supporting) but breathable.

Lija Energy Balance Release Jacket  Lija Neo Mesh Skort 

Mesh is hot in bodywear right now, most often used in a very revealing fashion. Lija has done a nice job working it in without the tart factor. Yes, they have an all-over mesh tank but layered over a full coverage tank in the same color it's simply fun (and a little dressier) for apres-court.

Find the group at Lija. Tennis-Warehouse carries much of the line.



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