Tennis Identity

Hot off the press. Ltd. Ed. Nike Tennis Shoe.

Exclusive Ballistec Tennis Shoe
11/1/11 is running out but as promised, today the mysterious new Nike/Tennis Warehouse collaboration was revealed. Spotlight on above.

It's a limited edition of the Nike men's Air Court Ballistec 3.3 tennis shoe and a pretty hot one at that. Super stealth. I love the understated and very unusual patent black on matte swoosh and discreet dashes of cyber orange. This is a new version of the shoe Rafael Nadal wears with updates that include reinforcements in key high-wear areas. Strap 'em on and jam.

Nike anthracite bandana with orange swooshThe shoe goes nicely with the new Nike Winter Showdown crew, Victory Track jacket and anthracite and cyber orange bandana. Seems like something Rafa would wear but I'm told he won't. No worries about looking like a poser then. The look can be yours only.

 Tennis-Warehouse is the exclusive retailer of this just-out Nike tennis shoe.

Of course women can wear 'em. Much tougher looking than a white tennis shoe (brands make far too many of those). Buy two sizes down.