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Spotted at a Tournament. Cheap massage for tight muscles.

Pro Tec Athletics Foam RollerTo most of us courtside massages are luxuries, available to touring tennis pros and those at high-level tournaments. Fact is pros require them. Clearly they are important to playing well.

So what to do when you are a weekend warrior or simply don't have the bucks for massage? Do it yourself.

I recently spotted the Foam Roller (top pic), and hand held Roller Massager (below) at a tennis tournament. Both devices work like a real massage would, sinking into soft tissue to elongate muscles, rolling out tightness and increasing blood flow to soft areas. The hard foam roller feels grrrrreat on a tight back.

Ryan Ginley, Senior Director of High Performance and Player Development at Intensity in Norwalk Connecticut is a believer. He travels with the foam roller and has his junior players work with it before and after matches.

Roller Massager by Pro Tec Athletics"The massage you get from using the roller helps keep you feeling fresh and loose,"says Ginley." "To be honest there is some discomfort associated with it and tight muscles but the benefit of refreshed, pliable muscles is enormous. Some of these kids are playing two or even three tough matches in a day and the 15-20 minutes we take for massage before and after makes a difference. My players stay looser than they would without it." 

Both rollers come with complete instructions on the best ways to use them. The high density Foam Roller is made in a few sizes and will cover larger areas like your back. The  6" diameter x 35" length is versatile and runs $29.95. 

The Roller Massager, $27.95, is for calves, thighs, shoulders and smaller spots. It will pop right into your tennis bag ready for a quick tune up whenever you need it.

Find the rollers at Pro-Tec Athletics.