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Yonex launches new EZONE Xi tennis racquet. Ana Ivanovic takes the lead.

Yonex recently announced its newest line of tennis racquets, the EZONE Xi, which will officially launch in January 2012. Take a look at some of the new technology (as shown by Ana Ivanovic).


 The new racquet features a quad power system (in combo with its unique ISOMETRIC head design)  for a powerful and enlarged sweetspot, an oval pressed shaft for increased stiffness and comfort, and NEOFADE vibration absorbing technology which is said to reduce vibration by 15%.

YONEX EZONE_Xi_98There are nine racquets in the new group:  IEZONE Xi 98; EZONE Xi 100; EZONE Xi 100 Lite; EZONE Xi 107; EZONE 115; EZONE Team; EZONE Team+; EZONE Rally; and EZONE 26 (junior frame).

Ivanovic will play with the 98 pictured above. Use this link for more EZONE Xi racquet details.

Yonex's male players plan to use the VCORE series for the time being. Caroline Wozniacki currently plays with the VCORE 100S.

A few YONEX players are testing the 98" EZONE so you may see some switching as the year progresses.

After note: other players switching to the new EZONE listed here