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Bespoke tennis fashion with TLC for Italy’s Camila Giorgi.

Camila Giorgi Cincinnati_Copyright Nick Lathan-Getty Images
If you can’t find something you like, make it. Call this brand Giorgi. Camila Giorgi of Italy wears her Mom’s custom tennis creations on court for WTA events. Very pretty and certainly made with TLC.

Camila Giorgi at Wimbledon_Copyright Dan Kitwood-Getty ImagesAbove in Cincinnati this week she wears a periwinkle blue dress with all over print and right, an ensemble she wore at Wimbledon* in June.

I do see custom tennis fashion on the rec courts from time to time and there is designer bespoke fashion being made for WTA players, but Mom as seamstress? Yes, unusual but it’s not the first time.

Tracy Austin's tennis dress as featured in the International Tennis Hall of Fame Museum

If you’ve hung around tennis long enough you may recall that Tracy Austin’s mother made Tracy’s competition looks and they are now part of a museum collection.

One of Tracy’s U.S. Open dresses stands in the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, evidence that Mom’s love CAN take you to the top.

But will Camila stick with Giorgi or will she get a contract? I love the story but my bet is on the money.

*Correction (8/28/2012): Although sources said otherwise, Camila’s apparel at Wimbledon was by Denise Cronwall.

7 thoughts on “Bespoke tennis fashion with TLC for Italy’s Camila Giorgi.”

  1. Where did you get the info that her mother is making the clothes? For what I know, Giorgi has been wearing Denise Cronwall. I even wrote an article about the clothes on Giorgi, but then her mother contacted me to remove the article as Denise is not her daughter’s sponsor and is not allowed to be associated with her names. Also, supposedly, Giorgi doesn’t even like the quality of Cronwall’s clothes… Anyways, I love how she looks and I like the clothes, but I hope she’ll make an actual deal and end this tiring story.

  2. Hm, Giorgi is really cute and I love the clothes on her, but the controversy around it is making me tired. I also hope she’ll get a contract.

  3. Hi Karin,
    Marija is right. I don’t know about that periwinkle design, but the Wimbledon outfits are by Miami based designer Denise Cronwall
    Even the outfit she wore at Roland Garros and at many other tournaments are by Denise Cronwall and available for purchase at her website.
    I have heard that a much higher ranked player than Camila Giorgi will be wearing Denise Cronwall at the US Open. It will be interesting to see how Camila’s mom explains that.

  4. Hi Ingrid. Thanks for your note. I’m checking into it now. My information was confirmed by two sources that are quite high up in womens’ tennis but from what I see it looks like something is not quite right 😉 I’ll be back to both of you. K

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