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Bracing that tennis injury. New from BRD Sport.

BRD Knee-1Both competitive tennis players and weekend warriors can find comfort for their aches and pains in this new line of orthopedic support tools by BRD Sport. 

A three-dimensional knitting process offers joints soft but firm compression, support and therapeutic relief.  The washable, pull on, fabric-feel brace helps keep joints aligned and inflammation down by keeping fluid out problem areas.

"The gold standard for support is taping," says Dr. Daniela Walsh, a PT specializing in sports injuries, "but it's just not practical" (or even doable) for most recreational athletes. "A good brace," explains Walsh, "will effectively divert force away from an area of injury."

BRD Elbow-1Above is the BRD G18 knee brace ($69.99) for those with knee instability. Flexible ribs on either side of the knee keep it from sliding down. The G36 is another version designed for those healing from ligament or miniscus tears.

BRD makes a variety of braces including ankle ($49.99) and elbow braces, right ($49.99) useful for treating other common tennis problems. Order at BRD Sport. Made in the USA.

Note: It's never a great idea to play with pain but Dr. Walsh says that a brace can keep a situation from worsening and you may be able to keep playing while using ice, anti-inflammatories and prescribed PT. Consult your physician before playing on or with a troublesome joint.