Tennis Identity

Storied stars. Kim Clijsters’ Final Special Edition Fashion. U.S Open 2012.

Kim Clijsters US Open_ Copyright Getty Images-Al Bello
Kim Clijsters’ U.S. Open kit is the last in a series of Fila tennis fashion collections designed specifically for Kim. As Clijsters has indicated that she will retire for the second and final time at the conclusion of this U.S. Open, Fila, in collaboration with the Belgian athlete, designed this, her last tournament look, with a nod to her adopted home, the USA, its color palette and flag.

Fila Kim Clijsters shirt back Star CollectionThe look incorporates red stripes on blue and features hundreds of small stars. At Clijsters’ suggestion, eleven large stars were incorporated to represent the years she has been a member of the Fila family. Within four of those large stars is an outline of a tennis ball to symbolize Clijsters’ four Grand Slam titles.

Pretty two piece set, with a touch no one will see unless you move. The shorties under that skirt are adorned with stars as well. Count on seeing them when Kim’s in action.

The collection includes a visor, wristbands, warm up jacket (great looking BTW) and duffle bag and retails from $30-$250 USD. Available only at Fila.

Here’s a quick look back at a few of Kims’ most recent special collection groups: Wimbledon 2012Australian Open 2011, and French Open 2011.