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Prince introduces 10 new tennis racquets plus string and bags.

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There are a whole lotta new tennis racquets coming from Prince this fall.  “Our 2013 – 2014 racquet line will meet the needs of every player at every level," said Mike Ballardie, CEO of Prince Global Sports. "No longer will we be offering just one technology for all customers. We are listening to what the consumer wants…" Ballardie means it; there are 10 new sticks rolling out including a hard to-find longbody. 

The company's fall 2013 racquets are grouped in two collections, a Classics Series and new performance models that feature "Extreme String Pattern" technology (ESP).

Racquets: The Classics

Prince Graphite 100With the Classics Series racquets, Prince is bringing back the iconic Classic Graphite and Classic Response. Used by Andre Agassi, Patrick Rafter, Michael Chang and Monica Seles, these former best-sellers (updated for today's game) are designed for players looking for enhanced spin and control and a connection to an old fav. 

The Classic Series line includes the Classic Graphite 100, Classic Graphite 100 Longbody, Classic Graphite 107 and the Classic Response 97.

Check out the tennis bag designed to go with these racquets below. VERY retro cool.

Racquets: ESP Technology

Six new racquet models feature new ESP Technology and deliver an aggressive string pattern that is designed to provide up to 30% more spin. "ESP is an engineered quantity and spacing of strings that is built right into the frame design. It is a permanent element of each frame and cannot be adjusted after market"" said Tyler Herring, VP of Product design and Development at Prince.

The benefits of ESP are enhanced with the inclusion of a built-in Double Bridge vibration dampener that reduces racquet shock and string vibration, and EXO3 Technology (the O ports in most recent Prince racquets) that provides edge-to-edge performance and a 54% larger sweet spot.

 Racquets with ESP Technology will be available in the:

Prince Premier 105Premier Series, designed for a high level of power and comfort (Premier 105 ESP and Premier 115L ESP);

Prince Warrior 100Warrior Series, all-around racquets blending power and spin (Warrior 100L ESP and Warrior 100 ESP);

Prince Tour 100Tand Tour Series, ideal for players looking for more spin and control (Tour 100T ESP and Tour 98 ESP).

Tennis String

Prince is also introducing a new string line as new racquets are designed to take advantage of the performance benefits of using a polyester string. 

Prince Tour XC 15L Tour XC (Xtra Control), is a durable polyester string with low friction designed to maximize string movement and snapback.

For even more spin, Tour XS (Xtra Spin) has a triangular shape to maximize spin with added bite and snapback. 

Tennis Bags 

Prince Classic Racquet Bag
In addition to the racquets and strings, Prince will release two new bag collections – an updated Tour Team Collection in two new colors (the more standard logo bag below) and a retro inspired Classics Collection (above) that will compliment the Classics Series racquets.

Prince Tour Team tennis bag

The Tour Team Collection will be available in iconic Prince green or red, in a 12, 9 or 6 pack, as well as a backpack, while the Classics Collection bag silhouettes will include a racquet bag (holds up to 12 racquets), circle duffle, and messenger bag, really nice alternatives for the adult player.

Find the racquets, string and bags at, Tennis-Warehouse and Prince tennis retailers worldwide.