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Curvstar. A crazy tennis racquet or are these guys onto something?

Curvstar Tennis Racquet
Looks crazy ehh? The Curvstar tennis racquet is not on the market yet but its designers are betting it will revolutionize tennis racquet design. The stick features a curved ergonomic handle that is said to reduce the onset of repetitive stress injuries and increase performance.


Former ATP tennis pro German Thomas Emmrich, one of the racquet's two designers, recently won the European Doubles Championship using a Curvstar prototype.  Emmrich's daughter, Manuela, a former NCAA tennis stand-out, is the other half of the design duo.

The Curvstar has been approved by the ITF for league play. 

Learn more/support it on Kickstarter.

One thought on “Curvstar. A crazy tennis racquet or are these guys onto something?”

  1. I’m happy to see that the development of the modern tennis racquet is not limited to just the use of materials and overall racquet length. With that said, the innovation of the rotated head and curved grip is not a new idea. Snauwaert produced a similar frame in the 1980s, the Ergonom with the ergonomically correct layout was a quite a revolutionary design in racquet technology. Though, the broad marketing limitation of 80’s made it difficult for the brand to reach all of its potential. It appears that Curvstar has combine two existing designs and packaged it with a modern form factor. I’m curious on how the curved grip application plays. I really hope this project takes off, the “real world” physics of this racquets makes complete sense. I like the comparison reference to the evolution of the modern day skis. I used to be a ski technician and I too was skeptical when I first saw the introduction of parabolic skis.

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