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Keeping your cool. Adidas launches ground-breaking Climachill apparel.

Climachill apparel by adidas for tennis
How to stay cool on court? Tennis courts, especially hard ones, can feel like ovens midday, and honestly, it can affect play. Climachill by adidas, launched today, is the latest in active cooling apparel technology that works to solve the problem.

Cooling spheres for keeping cool on tennis courtClimachill incorporates innovative fabric woven with titanium and industry-first 3D aluminum cooling spheres. The high heat tested technology provides an instant chilling sensation to help athletes' performance in warm conditions – lowering their body temperature so they can train harder, run longer, retain their focus and compete at the highest level.

Mens Climachill crew tennis shirtHow it works: Little aluminium cooling spheres are strategically located on the back, neck and forearms of garments to correspond with the warmest areas of the body and provide a cooling sensation upon contact. Add micro fiber fabric allows the apparel to act like mesh and move excess moisture away from your skin.

More tech detail: Womens Climachill by adidas tankEvaporation and conduction methods are being used together here for the first time and SubZero flat yarn is woven throughout the inside of each article of clothing. Flat yarn has more surface area than traditional yarns, which is said to help transfer heat away from your body.

The new line has  a colorful palette of options for men and women in polos, crews, tanks and shorts (for guys). Perfect stuff right at the start of Miami's Sony Open, so hot in many ways.