Tennis Identity

Three new products for your tennis bag.

Kinivo ZX 100 Mini

Keep this in your bag for a fun add to a group warm up or after match bevy. The Kinivo ZX120 mini speaker plays tunes from your iPhone, iPad, laptop or other device. It has powerful 360-degree sound for such a little guy and plays up to 10 hours after a charge. The pop up speaker dials down to make it compact for storage in a drawstring pouch, $34.95 USD (I'm seeing them at about $20.00). 

Power PuttyImprove your volleys and strokes with Power Putty. Your grip strength makes a difference. Stretch, squeeze or pull the silicone blob for a great hand workout while chilling around the courts (exercises are noted). There are four total resistances available. #2 soft or #3 medium/firm seem to be the best fits for tennis players. Love that fist shaped case. $8.00.

Salonpas Pain Relieving GelSalonpas Deep Relieving Gel is a topical analgesic. I'm not a proponent of playing injured but there are times after a tough match that you want to relax a tight back or pulled muscle and this stuff does the job quickly. Same familiar camphor/menthol scent as many like-products but it's not as strong as some I've tried. Not greasy. Roughly $10.45 for a 2.75 oz. tube.