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Roger Federer talks tennis fashion and racquets.


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Roger Federer has had a signature tennis fashion line at Nike since 2008.* Over the years he’s tried a variety of RF branded looks (glamorousformal, traditional) with different accents and styling details (stripes, color gradiations, contrasting collarsbrights, v’screws and zip polos). He’s even styled up some pretty interesting tennis shoes. His color choices however have predominantly trended to variations in white, blue, grey and red.

Pictured here at the Sony Open, he’s broken out the what I term a gentleman’s classics, an easy on the eyes RF polo and shorts (plus those orange shoes) and we adore.

A recent press conference at the tournament in Miami revealed some of the thinking behind Federer’s apparel choices. Excerpts from his comments follow:

On what Roger wears on court:

“The hard part is deciding today what I’m going to wear for US Open next year. It’s kind of hard you know, sometimes to put myself in the right mind and mindset to know, Am I going to like…stripes in one‑and‑a‑half years?  I’m not sure, you know. Right now I maybe do, but maybe one‑and‑a‑half years maybe not so cool.  That’s the hard part when we work together with Nike.  But I really enjoy the process, and it’s nice to be part of it rather than just getting stuff and then not liking or loving stuff. It has that element where you can be part of it.”

Federer’s advice to others on tennis style:

“My advice probably is you’ve got to make sure you wear the clothes and not the clothes wear you.  It’s quite simple in a way but don’t wear something you totally feel uncomfortable with, but, you know, take some chances.  Play around a bit.”

On people wearing his signature Nike apparel:

“…it’s great to see fans wearing the RF cap, you name it, or Nike in general.  It’s like a tag of approval maybe in a way that they enjoy what I’m wearing.  They feel like they’re connected to me, which I do feel is the case.”

On his switch to a larger racquet head size:

“…clearly you’ve got to be healthy to be able to play good tennis and get to the balls.  If you’re not going to get to the balls, then you won’t be able to hit it and then the racquet doesn’t matter. I need the quick feet, and I think I found that again….I have really been waiting for that moment to try, switch, see if it worked or not….I trained the entire month with this racquet in December.  I was feeling really good.”

“The question is: Can you pull off the shots you need at, I don’t know, 4‑all, 30‑All in the third set; Those kind of things you don’t think of the racquet; That’s the case….I feel I do have easier power; It’s actually a big switch, bigger than people think it is, because it’s a much bigger head frame, it’s wider beam, and I really enjoy this new racquet; I think it’s definitely also part of the reason that I am playing so well right now.”

For a look at everything Roger Federer has worn since 2008 click and scroll here. You’ll see the other Nike players in there as well.

*The year 2008 is noted as the start date of the RF tennis line based on TennisIDENTITY records. Nike did not respond to calls to fact check this detail. Roger Federer was with Nike prior to the start of his signature line as well.

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