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Serena Williams’ tennis dress at the Sony Open.

Serena Williams at Sony Open Tennis 2014

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Serena Williams is going for her 7th title at the Sony Open, upping her own record setting 6th in Miami in 2013. Her tennis dress? Custom. Can't touch it in these cruise-worthy colors. Was it perhaps influenced by the colorful ships that line the docks in this deep port city?

[3/23: TennisIDENTITY reader, AlanGnani (comment below) says her dress may pay homage to her city's Miami Dolphins' (of which she owns a stake)…Makes sense right? And yes, tis true. Fact confirmed.]

It's the same Nike look Serena wore in Australia. You can find it in three colorways; solid athletic style that's perfect for someone looking for a match day tennis dress without frill. I prefer it in the glacier ice myself.  Although it's all over the courts these days (and it does look good on Serena), I'm not a big fan of orange.


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  1. Guys, of course it’s the Miami Dolphins colors…anyone who lives in Miami would know that…you guys obviously don’t

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