Tennis Identity

10 ways to improve your tennis game by watching the pros.


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Nothing beats hard work and practice but don’t overlook simply watching pro tennis. Sitting back to enjoy a battle is good for your game. Seeing the world’s best execute shots correctly over and over again can positively influence your own results. Here are 10 key elements to look for and absorb:

1. Shot tactics and game plans. You may not be at the pro level but you can execute the same plans.

2. On court and changeover rituals that keep a player comfortable and focused. Rafa Nadal uses these to the extreme.

3. Pro feet as they move to or wait for a ball. They rarely stop moving.

4. Shot preparation. See Roger Federer’s shoulder turn and set-up above.

5. The power of hard work and belief. Tops seeds can go down.

6. Constant communication (in doubles). Hand signals, planning between points.

7. Attacking an opponent’s weaknesses.

8. Clean, compact volleys. Keep those moving parts to a minimum.

9. When and why a player comes to net.

10. A come back to win after a pummeling first set.