Tennis Identity

New Nike shoe, Air Agassi, confirmed by Agassi.

Agassi 1 Agassi 2

Today Andre Agassi sent the above pictures out from his Instagram account. The tags read #AirAgassi's #NIKE. 

On May 15 we learned via Sneaker Files about an upcoming tennis shoe, an Air Tech Challenge Hybrid, modeled after those once worn by the former #1. These here on Andre look more like a version of the Air Tech Challenge II and are likely a Roland Garros version of the shoe (thanks @MisterPigz on Twitter for pointing this out).*

Agassi style continues to go against the grain of traditional tennis apparel. I look forward to seeing more of his signature line in all of its facets. Tennis needs a dose of edge. 

Hot or not? Could you play with tennis shoes that verge on hi-tops?

*Original post updated on 5/24