Tennis Identity

Tennis Flashback: Bj

We all know Björn Borg's famous Fila pinstripe look. Did you know that he wore another separate clothing line at the same time? True. Borg started with Fila in 1976 wearing a non personalized line. Eventually the Bj logo appeared alongside the F Box. By the end of his career just a few years later, the Bj badge had disappeared, for reasons that are unclear – probably financial.

Borg wore Fila worldwide except for Scandinavia, where he wore Jockey, of all brands. He matched that with a headband that read "NeH." He also mixed his other gear geographically. The Bancroft Borg frame was for the US and Asia, with Donnay in Europe, until the Bancroft deal expired. Same for shoes – Tretorn paired with Bancroft, Diadora elsewhere. (How could you wear what were essentially canvas slippers in the most demanding pro matches?)

At some point, Borg stopped wearing matching Fila socks, too – going with a "Bj" logo style by DuParc. Here's a look at some non-Fila Borg wristbands, too. These had multiple stripes, in contrast to these, which almost appear to be Adidas. And yet another style is shown here, which a thread on Tennis Warehouse IDs as "Litesome." – Brinke Guthrie