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Injured? Put this in your bag and wrap it.

Novak _Djokovic_at_BNP_Paribas
Sports, or kinesiology tape, has moved way beyond the PT's private bag of fix. Today, with a rainbow of colors to choose from, any athlete can make their bum knee or whatever look and feel pretty darn snazz. The tape, applied in sections to an injured area, is designed for muscle, ligament and tendon pain relief and support. It does not constrict like athletic tape of old and, it stays put through sweat and heavy exertion. 

 Clay Sniteman, ATP Trainer and member of KT Tape's Medical Advisory Board, says, "Of course we recommend that tennis players see their doctor for any injuries but just like traditional athletic tape and athletic braces, tennis players at all levels can feel confident that they can apply KT Tape to their sore joints and muscles without the need for an athletic trainer."

I have always been a little nervous to try taping on my own but Sniteman says that the KT taping tutorials are "…the perfect taping procedure for a variety of ailments from head to toe." 

KT Tape Sample colors

If you've got a nagging (but not serious) injury, give it a try. Mix or match your tape to complement your tennis outfit (unlike Djokovic above). These are some of the colors in my bag.