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Nike releases new Court line

Nike court line

Nike Tennis has announced a relaunch/rebirth of sorts.  

The Challenge Court and Supreme Court lines were huge back in the day, led by that Image Is Everything guy.


Now the essence of the Challenge Court line returns (same logo) in a new line called, simply, Nike Court by Fragment.

Quoting the Nike site: "Designer Hiroshi Fujiwara mixes the spirit of sport with the essence of design, to create a beautiful clash between age-old tradition and present-day attitude."

This jacket is called the Harrington.

Nike Harrington Jacket

This is the Court Polo.


The Nike Court Half Zip jacket, with an interesting logo on the sleeve.


This is the Nike ATC II.


 The Court Tennis Classic.


Interesting that Nadal is shown on the Nike Labs Court page– at some point, would he end up wearing this line, with the Rafa bull logo disappearing?