Tennis Identity

Sloane Stephens: She’s Got The Look

The headline refers to a late 1980s pop song by Roxette, and it most certainly applies to American tennis player Sloane Stephens. Though still highly ranked (#22,) her results this year have been middling – basically a .500 W-L singles record heading into the Open – her Under Armour look though has always been clean, sleek, and decidely hi-tech.  Check out her UA style here.

Sloane Stephens in Under Armour for the US Open


Sloane will wear two different custom tennis dresses at the Open. The difference is in the under layer in the skirt. They are called the UA Sloane Criss-Cross Court Dress and the UA Sloane US Open Dress (both are based in runway designs that caught Sloane's eye laast year). Here's a layout of the other outfit:



 Ed. note: Sloane definitely has a knack for putting together youthful yet strong looks for the court. White is a smart color in NYC. Early fall always feels like late July in NYC. LOVE the grey tennis shoes but pink is Sloane's pic and here's a close up on her footwear.


Sloane’s shoes have her name on the toe, the Fresno area code embroidered inside the tongue, and a custom “road map" graphic of Ft. Lauderdale in the heel line and custom US Open specific sock line.