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Caroline Wozniacki, up close, personal (and retiring soon?)


Get to know Caroline Wozniacki through these excerpts from a Graham Bensinger interview scheduled to release this coming weekend:

Regarding her much publicized break-up:

CW: “It was very hard because… he made it very public from the start, you know, he put out a press release and all that so I didn’t have a choice… it just got put in my face.”

GB: “How surprised were you by how it all ended?”

CW: “Oh, I was shocked. I thought at least, you know, I’d get a face-to-face or something but there was nothing… it was just a phone call and I did not hear from him again. It kind of just ended… You can’t prepare yourself or your body for anything like that so, you know I think I was just in a bit of a shock phase there for a while.”

CW: “I think you just have to take life as it goes and I believe that, you know, you never get put things on you that can’t handle so… I’m definitely on the other side now… I moved on.”


On playing longer…

CW: “I don’t see myself as playing that much longer… my parents were young parents as well, and I always saw myself as having a pretty big family whenever I retire and… kind of settle down and just live a nice quiet life and that’s kind of what I would love to do whenever I finish.”

GB: “How much longer would you like to play for?”

Wozniacki: “… I don’t have to play, you know, I earned my money… I’ve been number one and I play because I love to play.”


Regarding running the NY Marathon

Wozniacki: “Because I’m a little crazy and… it’s always been on my bucket list and it’s something that, you know, I’ve wanted to do for a long time and November kind of opened up.”


Wozniacki and Serena Williams, played each other Sunday (Sept. 7) in the U.S. Open women’s singles championship. The two competitors share a tight bond.

CW: “Serena is just hilarious and we love spending time together and you know, we’ve been through quite a few things in our lives… She’s always been there for me and I’ve tried to be there for her whenever she’s needed me… She’s the first one, you know, to call me and… if I don’t pick up she’s going to keep calling me until I pick up and if I still don’t pick up, she’s gonna text me and say, ‘You know if you do not pick up, I’m going to stand outside your door and if you do not open the door, I’m going to break it down to make sure that you’re okay.’”


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