Tennis Identity

Who has the highest gear profile at the USO?

Some might say Nike, with Federer/Serena/Sharapova/Bouchard (and CiCi Bellis!)  Or perhaps Uniqlo, with Djokovic and Nishikori facing off in the semifinals – that line will get a lot of exposure, no matter who wins.

And then there's that ubiquitous Polo player.

For several years now, Polo Ralph Lauren has outfitted umpires, linespeople and ball persons. Big presence.



These New Balance sneakers are co-branded with PRL. (Image from Sneaker Report.)


 And now PRL has gone hi-tech with the introduction of a smart shirt with integrated biometric technology.


Put it on, start your workout, and it reads activity, breathing, and heart rate, and zaps all the data via Bluetooth to your smartphone. (Above photo from Engadget.) Adidas debuted something similar a few years ago.


It's easy to wash, too.  Just detach the data module and toss 'er in the washer!