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Asics introduces BZ 100 tennis racquet

Both Puma and Adidas have tried the tennis racket business with moderate success at best. And Asics released club player frames over a year ago- who knew?  (We did.) Now comes the new BZ 100 frame. It is now on sale for $189.  


“With the launch of the BZ 100, our first ever performance tennis racquet, we are introducing to the market racquet technology options that have never been available, and we strongly believe it will positively impact players performance,” commented Kevin Wulff, President and CEO, Asics America Corporation.

The new performance stick the gives competitive players a controllable power option in a manner that allows them to increase the speed on the ball with some shock reduction as an additional bonus. More details below.

“The tennis category is a key focus for Asics globally as we move into 2015,” continue Wulff. “We’ve seen great success with our tennis footwear offerings and expect this innovative racquet will follow in the same footsteps.”


Could Asics pro Gaël Monfils eventually be the first high-profile player to use this frame, once his current Wilson deal expires?

The nitty gritty:

Bending Zone technology strategically adjusts the flex distribution in the frame, giving players the ability to better control the ball without sacrificing power. ASICS created this unique racquet by reducing the height of the throat by 30% compared to an average player racquet resulting in substantial reduction in the stiffness of the frame. The lowered throat height also yields a larger “sweet spot” for players. Additionally, with optimized flex, players will feel a reduction of negative vibrations as well as less drag in the head.

The BZ™ 100 measures 27 inches, 11.2 ounces strung with a more rounded 100-square inch head shape. ASICS tested five different combinations before giving the racquet its final neon-inspired design, made popular by the ASICS line of performance athletic footwear. The design was specifically crafted to visibly highlight the Bending Zone technology.

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