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Earn an “A” in forehand. Rafa starts work on a tennis school.

Rafa wants to teach you how to play tennis. His app was first. Now, the new Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy is scheduled to open in 2016, in Nadal's hometown of Manacor, Mallorca. It will also have a school so you can study your math and history in between forehand and backhand practice. Given his increasing freqency of nagging health issues, could this be a prelude to a post-playing career?


Sure enough, says Rafael Nadal, who adds the new academy will "have a floor area of 258,000 sq. ft. and 18 tennis courts. It's expected to open in the summer of 2016 and house 140 boys and girls each year. Rafa plans to work there when he retires."

(Photo by Rafael Nadal

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