Tennis Identity

Santa, PLEASE…you have some new Nike Federer shoes for me?


You know, the ones Roger wore at the US Open and the Masters, the Jordan ones? Not likely- you can't find them. Unless you want to take out a bank loan on eBay. doesn't have them. Gone (and in minutes).  

Nonetheless, an interesting article here on the Nike News site about signature shoes and how they're developed in Beaverton. Mostly focuses on other sports, but does touch on the McEnroe inspired-designs of the 1980s, like the model Mac wore below. (From @darrenrovell Twitter.)


While the new Federer/Jordans are quite cool, it's disheartening that the shoe resellers get their friends to stand in line when these show up in stores, then quadruple the prices for them. The MSRP of $200 is ridiculous to begin with, but this eBay seller in beyond bonkers.  Seventeen hundred dollars for tennis shoes.  (But they DO offer free shipping. So there's that.)

Wonder if RF knows how his shoes are being sold and re-sold online?  Does he even care?