Tennis Identity

Holiday Tennis Gifts. Karin’s picks.

Stella McCartney adidas warm upThere is something extra special about adidas by Stella McCartney tennis apparel and so this warm up and  tennis shoe at half price are steals I'm not passing on.

Adidas Stella McCartney white

Tis the time of year when the deals on tennis gear are amazing – funny that the industry times this with the busy holidays but hey, we win.

I also adore this skort and leggings combo by Lija and pullover by Jofit. Yup, some of that is on sale too.

Lija Jofit top

Here's my tennis bag of choice, sleek and discreet transport for my Pro Staff. It's called the Agency 9-pack by Wilson. 

Wilson 9 Pack Agency tennis bag

This v-neck tee (close up on graphic below) by Wristpect couldn't be more accurate :) 


And, because I put a fresh overgrip on once a week and like to restring fairly frequently, I like to keep a  good stash on hand. This overgrip by Prince and string by Wilson are my favorites. I'd love me 5 packages each. So very practical ehh? Yes, I am a New Englander.

Prince_overgrip-Resipro Wilson NXT 16

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