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Sampras and Agassi resume rivalry

Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi

One of the most entertaining tennis rivalries of the 1990s was Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. The best serve against the best return. Who was on or off their game by an inch would likely determine the outcome between these two champions.  

With 22 Grand Slam singles titles between them, Sampras (14) and Agassi (8) dominated during their heydey. The two went on to play each other 34 times in a 12-year-span, with Sampras winning 20 of the matches.

Now the two square off once again.  Sampras will take on Agassi at the grand opening of Center Court at Creekside, part of The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, on June 20th.  Sampras was named The Greenbrier’s first-ever Tennis Pro Emeritus in April of 2014.

Click here for more details about the grand opening event. And while we’re talking about these two, let’s watch this memorable Nike spot:


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