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Where have we seen these before?

A fellow named Brian Purdie loves 1980s tennis fashion.  Unfortunately, the calendar says 2015.  So what did he do? He created his own line of tennis wear – so far limited to shirts – called Vollaix. ("Vuh-Lay.")  

All designs feature performance pique polyester fabric, knit cuffs and collars and embroidered logos. Buttons are custom made from genuine corozo. Design is on the front and back for the first design. Made in the USA. The price? $130.00, even higher than an RF shirt  – but this is for a piece of history, right? 

This first style is "Everidge." It's available now.

Vollaix Everidge

This next is Phillipe, so named for the former president of the ITF, Phillipe Chatrier.  It is due out in mid-March and is certainly reminiscent of the shirt on Agassi below.

Dunes Vollaix

 Finally, we have "Dunes," a style named for Hilton Head, also due mid-March. Johnny Mac wore a print like this back in the day.

Vollaix Dunes


Photo from


Photo from

Vollaix sent us a couple samples so we could check them out for quality. The shirts are well made, loose fit, split hem as opposed to close fitting European cuts. Embroidered logo and Vollaix tag on the sleeve is just as above – only the brand is different. Nice effort all around. 

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  1. I like Phillipe. I think the style is not too retro but there’s a modern twist to it. It’s a good thing retro styles are coming back. Time to rock the court again!

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