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Who wears what: The men

An interesting thread appeared recently on Tennis Warehouse's message board,  "What clothing lines are most popular in the top 100?" All credit goes to board user "Babaoh" for the extensive research.


Nike 10
Adidas 14
Lotto 10
Lacoste 11
Sergio Tacchini 7
Asics 4
Fila 5
Uniqlo 2
Yonex 2
Wilson 3
Joma 3
Ellesse 2
Hydrogen 3
Topper 2
Under Armour 2
Babalot 3
Athletic DNA 2
Diadora 1 
H&M 1
New Balance 1
Erima 1
Bent Criss 1
Kappa 1
Branzini 1
Solfire 1
Australian 1
Bluefin 1
Le Coq Sportif 1
Head 1
Li Ning 1
No clothing sponsor 1

Editor's note – What is interesting is the number of brands (31) covering the courts these days. We know it because we cover most of them but there is a perception that the biggies are more dominant than they actually are. Dollars spent at the top of our game (the players that go to tourney finals and get maximum exposure) likely limit what can be spent deeper in the talent pool.

Sponsor's note: You can find many of these lines here.

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2 thoughts on “Who wears what: The men”

  1. Hi Brinke! I am just wondering who is the unsponsored man in the Top 100. Big brands like Adidas, Nike and Lotto dominated ATP. But it’s a good thing that smaller apparel are more visible these days.

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