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Babolat introduces new Pure Aero racquet

Babolat introduces a new and improved “Spin Machine” engineered to help players dominate from the first point to match point. Demands of the modern game require players to be more aggressive; find sharper angles; and hit more powerful shots. Babolat’s new Pure Aero is the innovation that will allow players to take advantage of the topspin this racket offers, and grab an edge over their opponents.

2016_Pure Aero pers_HR

In developing the Pure Aero range, Babolat efforts zeroed in on player strokes and movements needed for optimal topspin, identifying two key moments: preparation and ball impact.

Step 1: Preparation – Speed of the Racket
The faster the racket moves through the air, the more topspin a player can generate. (Note: see “Nadal, Rafa.”)

Step 2: Ball Impact – Movement of Strings
Mains on the string pattern give movement to the ball. The more they are able to move, the more topspin a player can generate on the ball. To optimize spin during these steps, the new Pure Aero incorporates two new technologies: Aeromodular2 and FSI Spin.

Aeromodular2 technology improves aerodynamics for faster racket speed (according to internal tests). To create more speed through the air, the new frame is optimized and wind resistance is decreased thanks to the integration of the Woofer system and Cortex inside the frame.

To improve the movement of strings, the Pure Aero features new FSI Spin technology with a redefined sweet spot, oblong grommets at 6 and 12 o’clock and a more open string pattern for increased strings movement.

2016_Zoom_Pure Aero Cortex inside_HR

Pure Aero By The Numbers:
Headsize: 645cm2 / 100 sq. in.
Weight: 300g / 10.6 oz.
Stringing pattern: 16 x 19
SRP: $349.95

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One thought on “Babolat introduces new Pure Aero racquet”

  1. Non ho testato personalmente questo nuovo attrezzo babolat che suscita sicuramente grande curiosità!!
    La prima impressione pero’ che traggo leggendo l’ articolo è che la casa costruttrice voglia rincorrere tecnologie già inventate e testate da altre, come quella della One string che qualche anno fa ha fatto uscire sul mercato il primo pattern allargato 14/19 e poi altri successivi!! Spero che questa nuova babolat si avvicini alle spindeeper della One string, che sono mostri di potenza e rotazioni e dotate di squisita giocabilità grazie alle caratteristiche tecniche che le pongono adatte ad un range di giocatori molto ampio.

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