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HEAD introduces Graphene XT Extreme series

Head has introduced the Graphene XT Extreme racquet series, combining spin and power in one solid package. Recommended by World #12 Richard Gasquet, the series also features the innovative Graphene XT technology, which optimizes the racquet’s weight distribution for a faster, more powerful game.

HEAD Extreme Series tennis racquet

Available in three different models (Extreme Pro, Extreme MP A  and Extreme Lite,) the Graphene XT Extreme racquet series provides a special combination of weight and balance, which allows the racquets to be quick in the air while still providing a solid feel. Of the three available models, the MP A model comes with an innovative adaptive string pattern (ASP) and — here’s the innovation — it allows the player to change the grommet set and choose between a 16/16 or a 16/19 string pattern for ultimate spin adaptability.

The video below explains more.


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