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StyleWatch: Serena Williams’ tennis fashion US Open 2015

Serena Williams Nike Court Tennis fashion US Open

Back Serena williams US Open tennis dress

Close up print Serena Williams tennis dressSerena Williams Tennis fashion Nike US Open 2015

Now this is Serena. Kudos to Ms. Williams and Nike for creating an altogether new and powerful look for our #1. Fitting isn’t it?

Williams is in a league of her own, a long time tennis fashion renegade who has a knack for taking classic tennis silhouettes and twisting them hard adding blasts of color or print in unique ways.

Back to fierce it is though and we are obsessed. This is just Serena’s NIGHT look BTW. The animal print, flanked by  powerful black, silhouette carving panels emphasize Serena’s guile and strength and the strong back statement (see above) allows ventilation and keeps a full coverage bra under cover – all while artistically exposing the definition in Serena’s powerful core and shoulders. Let the attack commence.

The funky tennis shoes? They are the new cosmetic on the NikeCourt Flare, a lightweight, ankle hugging tennis shoe that Serena haas been wearing since Roland Garros.