Tennis Identity

StyleWatch: Maria Sharapova, US Open 2015

Maria Sharapova will don the Nike Premier Maria Dress NIGHTS at the U.S. Open this year – sleek with a distinctly sporty edge. It’s not as elegant as some of her past Slam dresses but it’s eye catching and will likely be something style seeking players can relate to and wear comfortably. The black panels that flow from the back carve a beautiful waistline.



[Note from Karin:] “Here’s the front of the tennis dress. Notice the performations for breathability and open arm and shoulder areas. This keeps upper body motion unrestricted. A built in high impact bra means you don’t need to break the beautiful lines with a bra that wont stay covered (none do in these styles).”

Maria Sharapova tennis dress nike

Sharapova will be also be ready for post-match action in the new NikeCourt Vest and Tee Dress. NikeCourt is expanding big time. Tennis is a lifestyle. We know that and Maria makes it look very approachable.




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