Tennis Identity

Close up on JET, Babolat’s first limited edition tennis shoe

The Babolat JET is the current titleholder of lightest tennis shoe ever. It is also Babolat’s first foray into the very lucrative limited edition sneaker market. Nice start. Like good ltd. eds. round the globe, the JET sold out quickly. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more although no official word on that yet.

The run for this first entry was only 140 pairs, the number of years Babolat has been in business. Thought you’d like to get a closer look at the pair I received, number #017 of the 140.

BABOLAT Jet Tennis shoe
The JET happens to be a handsome and seriously comfortable tennis shoe that, at 10.33 oz,  feels as light as a summer canvas slip on, low to the ground and so agile (the shoe is narrow). Top of the line Nike and adidas are ranging between 13.6 and 15.3 oz at the moment.

From the box:

 “The JET shoe is the result of an obsession with innovation…In today’s game every gram counts for one simple reason: lightness means speed and speed leads to victory. Combining Matryx a patented textile upper with Kevlar, and ActiveFlexion, a brand new sole construction, the JET is built to fly.”

My gray and red fluo colored JETs came with a shoe bag, just like an upscale handbag, extra silver laces and a ltd. edition box and card.  You can see the edition number printed on the top of the right shoe’s tongue. It’ll be hard to see them get dirty.