Tennis Identity

The elusive Bj socks

SocksWhen Bjorn Borg started his tennis career, he wore Slazenger or Fred Perry clothing- at least that’s what most of the photos suggest. I remember one TV interview with Borg and the great Fred Perry; Fred busted Borg’s chops by saying “you wore my gear ’til you went expensive on me!” or words to that effect. Yes, he did.

Then Fila launched its legendary Borg line, and he wore that until the end of his career (except in Scandanavia- he wore Jockey and another headband with “NeH” on it.) Everywhere else, he wore Fila clothing and headband along with Fila socks that matched the shirt/shorts..and non-Fila wristbands.

And then these came along, late 1970s-early 1980s.

I immediately wanted a pair, but this was long before the Internet, so there was just no way to track them down. Where did they come from?

They were made by a company called DuParc. Has anyone ever seen these? Do you have a pair? They’re my tennis Holy Grail.


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