Tennis Identity

A bespoke tennis shirt beckons.

Björn Borg FilaThis is so cool I can’t believe it. Fila is a sponsor of the WTA’s Porsche Tennis Grand Prix event (going on now) and this also coincides with the launch of a new line called “Be Individual.”

The line was inspired by Björn Borg and includes tracksuit tops, shirts, trousers, and skorts, each designed to sport the wearer’s initials in custom embroidery. Remember the original Borg design? The “Double Box” logo at left featured the stylized Fila “F” on one side, and Borg’s own “Bj” logo on the other.

Now, you can get your OWN initials there. (It’s hard to tell below, but the initials on that shirt say K.N.)

Fila Porsche Tennis Grand Prix

Visitors to the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix have the opportunity to purchase an article from the Be Individual tennis collection at the brand’s promo booth. Staff will assist customers in adding free custom embroidery to the clothing, turning each item into a unique piece.

Fila Porsche Tennis Grand Prix

OK, there IS a sticking point here. For the moment, this appears to be a Germany only deal. According to the Fila release:

“Beginning in May, the collection will also be available on Fila Germany’s online store.”

Wonder if that site will ship worldwide? And if I can match my shirt to my BJ socks….here’s how that would look:


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