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Best ankle brace for tennis

In light of Caroline Wozniacki’s recent ankle sprain (get well soon Caro) I thought it timely to talk ankle braces. Below is our go-to fav and I hope Ms. W picks one of these up. We’ve tried a few here at Tennis Identity but hands down love the comfort and absolute security of the ASO.

Caroline Wozniacki ankle sprain

Here it is. Pull it on over your sock, lace it up, then wrap and secure with three velcro closures.

ASO ankle brace to tennis

If you’ve ever rolled your ankle badly you know the agony. What follows after healing is game paralyzing flip fear  – the fear of rolling that ankle again. Fact, your game suffers and unless you have a PT who can properly wrap you daily, an ankle brace is a problem solver.

No it’s not chic but after strapping one of these on your ankle it very simply will not roll. You are back running down balls.

Andy Roddick wore an ASO on both ankles religiously while on the tour.

The brace also comes in black.

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