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The story of Stan Smith and a white hot tennis shoe

The Stan Smith has come around once again.  Go anywhere and you’ll see these “tennis shoes” in all their bright white glory under jeans, shorts and even suits. They are the IT men’s casual shoe of the moment.

The version with the green accents is the original reincarnated by adidas originals.

Stan Smith shoe

Stan Smith tennis shoe

For those who didn’t follow Stan back in the day, I thought it fun to take a look at the original Stan, the man behind the trend.

Below, Stan Smith in action, the guy who originally wore the…Stan Smith.  On the tour he was a  6′ 4″ serve and volley specialist who won the US Open singles title in 1971 and Wimbledon in 1972.  He also won doubles titles at the US Open in 1968, 1974, 1978 and 1980 and another in Australia in 1970. He is a Hall of Famer and the current President of the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport.

The HOF has a nice bio on Stan here.

The shoes looked very cool back then – they sold 40 million of them. They relaunched in 2013 and have since run through versions that have included graphics, cartoon insoles and more. The classic however, is what lives on.  Here’s an article Brinke did on this shoe’s storied history. Be sure to check out the old ad.

Who knew this simple white shoe would have decades of life ahead?

Stan today.

The classic has inspired quite a few knock offs and lookalikes. I’ve thrown a Rod Laver version in for you Aussies. Look around, these shoes are everywhere and thankfully they are not the heavy, sweatboxes they once were. Progress.

Rod Laver style shoes by tennisidentity on


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