Tennis Identity

Andy and Jamie Murray train for Wimbledon…underground

Perhaps the Murray brothers don’t want the coaches of their opponents getting any tips- or maybe it was raining the day of this shoot and all the indoor courts were booked. Either way, they decided to work out underneath the London streets, on a top-secret “tennis court” hidden underground at the Postal Museum. Who knew?

Andy and Jamie Murray Under Armour

Another day, another 007 reference. When I first saw this I thought of the Aston Martin “Vanish” scene in Die Another Day, also set in an underground tunnel.

Andy and Jamie Murray Under Armour

To be honest, this was really just a stunt an opportunity to show off the Murray brothers’ Under Armour kits. Watch for them next week.

Kinda looks like what he wore last year? Don’t see that exact top on Tennis Warehouse just yet; here is one with that trim, but it’s sleeveless – probably for Dustin Brown. Stay tuned! (And forget about the shoes. Those appear to be custom for the bros.)

Andy and Jamie Murray Under Armour

Hey, but this shirt is great! We like this one, too:

*Photos via, Under Armour Twitter, and Andy’s FB page.*