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Babolat flies the Stars & Stripes

Let's Rally, America!Two months ago (almost to the day) we told you about a new Stars and Stripes line from Babolat, and now it’s available. (Good thing Wimbledon doesn’t have a “Mostly White” rule for racquet frames. Whoops- did I say that out loud? Can’t give them any ideas.)

Babolat Pure Aero VS Stars & Stripes: A variant on their Pure Aero line with cosmetics perfect for the upcoming July 4th holiday. They were very likely designed for the coming U.S. Open but are out now so hey…fair game.

With the Pure Aero VS Stars and Stripes Babolat dug into the archives, resurrecting what appears to be the popular Aero Storm mold (first launched in 2007). The frame delivers an impressive level of control for an explosive player’s racquet. They also offer the Babolat Pure Aero Stars & Stripes. (Only real difference I can see between the two is the Pure Aero VS has 98 sq. in. for head size as opposed to 100 for the Pure Aero.)

Babolat Stars & Stripes

Of course, your sneakers have to match your frame. So why not slip a pair of these guys on? (Also a Junior version too.) The Babolat Propulse All Court Stars & Stripes Men’s Shoe. A successor to the ones Andy Roddick wore.

Babolat Stars & Stripes

And what do you carry your shoes and racquets in? Well, this of course. The Babolat Stars & Stripes 12 Pack Bag or Backpack.

Babolat Stars & Stripes

Babolat Stars & Stripes

And look closely at the backpack- see this? “”

Babolat Stars & Stripes

Kinda hard to make it out, but that’s how you create a custom ID card for your particular bag- click here for deets. (Use the left/right arrows to scroll through the styles.) It’s easy to do, and looks like this:

Babolat bag tag

Now tie the whole set together with the white versions of this Babolat/Wimbledon attire, and while you may not be ready to go five sets with fellow Babolat player Rafa Nadal, you will look and play your best, no?

PS: Yo, JACK! I never did get my #SOCKIN16 campaign kit, come to think of it….

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