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Experience Wimbledon in easy, high style

When traveling to Wimbledon with Grand Slam Tennis Tours (GSTT) each day begins at the Hospitality House, where the tennis tours company employs a private chef. Her name is Millie, and for the past years she has made breakfast and lunch for GSTT guests, feeding the tennis fans who return year after year to catch the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world and some of the best tennis on earth.

Grand Slam Tennis Tours Hospitality House at Wimbledon

There are the iconic favorites, like strawberries and cream chased with a Pimm’s cup in the early afternoon. (The first Pimm’s bar opened at Wimbledon in 1971 and over 80,000 pints are sold each year.) But most notably Millie also puts together a renowned (aka killer) breakfast spread and if you ask her nicely she’ll grill up anything you’d like.

Your experience has just begun.

“Wimbledon is one of those places that inspires you to match its level of style and comfort,” explains Andrew Chmura, former professional player and president of Grand Slam Tennis Tours in Stowe, Vt. “The courts are perfect. The players look great. The grounds are stunning. It’s just an atmosphere that is best enjoyed when you’re relaxed and happy, and it’s our job to help you feel that way.”

For most tennis crazed, watching great tennis on Wimbledon’s Centre Court is a fast track to happiness, especially from Debenture seats – which Grand Slam Tennis Tours guests get.

Roger Federer at Wimbledon
Wimbledon has a  unique structure to their ticketing system, and Debenture seats are the cream of the crop. They’re available to Centre Court and No. 1 Court, and they only come up for sale every five years. Oh, and they require a £50,000 buy-in. Hefty, for sure, but the official Wimbledon website explains that, “Debenture ticket holders also have their own restaurant and bar facilities which have been designed to be places in which to eat, drink and relax in stylish surroundings.”

Fila John Isner wimbledon

GSTT also shares ownership with Topnotch Management, a boutique player agency which manages the likes of American #1 John Isner, Steve Johnson and 2016 French Open darling Shelby Rodgers. With this synergy, they’re able to give guests unique, “can’t-buy” experiences, like chance to try to return Isner’s serve or see what it’s like to rally with an ATP forehand. (Turns out it’s near impossible to prepare your racquet in time to hit something that fast if you’re not used to it.)

Wimbledon Serena

As far as bucket-list tennis adventures, Wimbledon tops most tennis fan’s lists. Andrew says:

“About half of our guests are checking off something they’ve wanted to do their entire lives, which is to experience Wimbledon in style.” What about the other half? “The other half are guests who traveled with us once and just keep coming back for the seamless, no hassle experience from start to finish.”

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