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Nike scrambles to fix Premier Slam dress

Once in awhile, a piece of someone’s kit runs afoul of the All England Lawn and Tennis Club. Usually, it’s too much colour (using the British spelling here) and the player changes to comply – remember Roger’s orange soles? This is unusual however as most apparel is planned carefully to code. This latest wrinkle for Nike has to do with too much skin showing and too much fabric – unexpected technicalities if you will. Here’s Genie in a press shot of the dress and below, British player Kate Boulton * during a match.

Genie Bouchard

As you can see, the Premier Slam dress can fly up when played at the game’s highest level. Not decorous. This is Wimbledon after all PLUS no serious athlete is interested in seeing round after round of their very own bootay on the web (and that would have happened).

Players also felt that there was too much loose fabric getting in the way of strokes. I can see that for sure.  A open sided babydoll style, although cute and nicely ventilated, would not be my choice for a tough match. Happy to consult in these designs anytime Nike 😉

As the real story goes, Nike tennis sent staff in to alter these dresses to make players more comfortable (and, of course, to comply with Wimbledon code). They have not been recalled at retail as has been reported.

Kate Boulton

“We often customize products and make alterations for athletes as they compete,” said Nike in response to my query.  “We work closely with our athletes to provide them with product that helps them perform and feel their best on the court.”

So end of story, Nike’s adding a few extra stitches to keep these dresses in line with Wimbledon code and keep players focused on winning.

Here’s the Premier Slam dress at retail. It’ll still sell.

Nike Premier Slam dress

Nike Premier Slam dress

Nike Premier Slam dress

*Photo of Kate Boulton by Andy Hooper from*

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