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Wimbledon awaits! What it’s like to travel with Grand Slam Tennis Tours.

Wimbledon. The premiere tennis tournament in the world. Where the pros compete for the sport’s most prestigious titles and fans gather to witness their favorites join the ranks of the greats. And you want to be a part of it. You love tennis. You love to travel. You want a vacation that gives you the best of both worlds, but working out the details is stressful enough.

Between coordinating  dates with your companions, booking your flight, figuring out accommodations and what sights to see, you’re going to need a vacation  to recover from planning your vacation! There must be a way to ensure you can secure an amazing place to stay,  see the sights, and take in a few rounds at Wimbledon—without driving yourself crazy in the process! Well, there is: it’s called Grand Slam Tennis Tours.

Grand Slam is all about making your life easier. The company works with the top tennis events across the globe, including the Australian Open, the French Open, the U.S. Open, and of course, Wimbledon. Grand Slam Tennis Tours has spent the last twenty years building relationships with each tournament to create the kind of tennis vacation you’ve dreamt about but can’t imagine planning yourself. Grand Slam has all the answers to the biggest questions you’ll have when trying to design your perfect travel experience.

Where do I stay?

Belgrades London lobby

The Thompson Belgraves Lobby.

If Wimbledon is your destination, you’ll be staying at the beautiful Thompson Belgraves Hotel in London. Located just three kilometers from the city centre, Belgraves has a modern boutique feel which juxtaposes brilliantly with old world London. Grand Slam Tennis Tours returns to Belgraves for the second year in a row for its style, luxury accommodations, and its proximity to fantastic shops, nightlife, and must-see tourist attractions.


Where do I play?

Tennis courts at the Roehampton Club.

Every package purchased with Grand Slam includes two leisure options, one of which is the opportunity to play tennis at the Roehampton Club. Roehampton is a private members’ club offering a number of sports and leisure activities including golf, croquet, health and beauty clinic, and no fewer than twenty-eight tennis courts.

What better excuse to break out your best athletic wear than a match at the Roehampton? If you’re looking for the perfect combination of luxury tennis style, comfort, and versatility, check out Yaffa Activewear for Country Club Whites that will take you from the tennis court to the Tower of London.  For those looking to make tennis a daily occurrence, court time can be scheduled in the morning at Wimbledon Park.

What do I do off the court?

Windsor Castle Tour. 

There are two guided tour options for Grand Slam guests. The first is a coach tour taking you to Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. The other includes visits to Windsor Castle—currently home to the Queen—and Hampton Court, allegedly haunted by two wives of Henry VIII.

If you want to stay away from ghosts, the Hampton Court grounds offer beautiful views of the River Thames, and a look at tennis history: the tennis courts on which King Henry VIII himself played. Both are fantastic options, but James Watson of Grand Slam does admit that the Windsor Castle/Hampton Court tour has been a guest favorite over the years.

Grand Slam Tennis Tours is comprised of a small team that delivers big results. Still, to get the most out of your Grand Slam experience, James encourages clients to act fast in order to get official debenture seats for Wimbledon.

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