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Tecnifibre Pro Red Code Wax: A top pick for any hybrid string setup

Hybrid String Setups are growing in popularity, especially with the younger generation of tennis players with modern-style games. With its dual texture and intrinsic spin-friendly nature, players of all ages and levels can appreciate the characteristics of a typical Hybrid String Setup.

For those tennis players who are fans of Hybrids, or beginning to experiment with such, Red Code is one of the top strings to build a string setup on. Tecnifibre’s Pro Red Code should be a top pick for every Hybrid String Setup because its durability, soft co-polymer nature, and power/control balance compliment the natural characteristics of a synthetic gut/polyester hybrid string setup.

Technifibre Pro Red Code


18 gauge US | 18 gauge Europe

17 gauge US | 17 gauge Europe

16 gauge US | 16 gauge Europe

(18 gauge is the thinnest and offers the most bite BUT it is more fragile. I use 17 g.)

Technifibre Pro Red Code features a treated resin surface treatment, giving the string a glossy waxy surface. This external layer provides the string a unique form of durability. The glossy superficial layer allows for the opposing, perpendicular strings to slide easily across each other. It also adds an extra layer of protection so that Red Code doesn’t wear out as easily as a typical polyester string. This characteristic is especially helpful in Hybrid Setups where there are two different strings on the same string bed, and the ability of strings to slide against one another creates a higher spin potential and added durability.

In terms of comfort, Red Code features a co-polyester core wrapped with Tecnifibre’s Thermacore technology. These two features work synergistically to provide a shock-absorbing and crisp feel. This characteristic is especially helpful with arm fatigue because Red Code acts as an additional vibration dampener. Hybrid setups can benefit from Red Code’s shock absorbing nature to provide added comfort.

Red Code provides an exceptional balance between power and control. Because of its shock absorbing nature, it allows for a faster yet controlled stroke. This unique balance allows for an aggressive playing style without compromising precision. Normally with a traditional polyester string, one finds a limit to swinging speed. This is because, due to the shock of the ball on impact, racket face opens up causing the subsequent shot to steer off course. Red Code absorbs shock and eliminates shock on impact, allowing for players to step into shots while maintaining power and control throughout the stroke. Power/Control balance is the very essence of any hybrid build, therefore Red Code is a beneficial ingredient to any setup.

Conclusively, Tecnifibre Pro Red Code is a top pick for a Hybrid String Setup. Because of its durability, comfortability, and unique power/control balance, it provides a solid foundation for building any hybrid combination.

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