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Tennis gifts 2016: racket bags

Tennis bags are like shoes, you can never have too many. Here are a few I have my eye on right now, great holiday gift ideas for the tennis lover in your life.

For women:

Ame and Lulu’s tennis tote is made in a variety of prints and colors. I love that the bags have matching shoe bags as well. Anyone who plays on clay knows that the stuff gets inside everything and ruins your whites. The bags are made of a medium weight canvas fabric and lined with a silky interior. Plenty of pockets and yes they hold two racquets. I am partial to the Vine print you see here. The shoe bag is a separate item.
ame and lulu tennis bag

This bag didn’t get much play this year due to Maria Sharapova’s absence but HEAD’s Sharapova signature bag, shouldn’t be overlooked because it’s slim, sleek and quite sophisticated. It holds your racquets plus all your extras and it comes with a matching cosmetics bag making it easy to put away rings or find that chapstick mid match when you need it.

Head Sharapova series tennis bag

Black and white graphics are a hot trend of the moment and this Glove It tennis tote jumps right in. It’s a simple bag but the graphics give it visual power. Carry this tote alongside a white outfit and pow!

Glove It graphic tennis tote

And, because I know that there are backpack devotees amongst us, check out the pink Play All Day Thermal backpack by SportsChic. It keeps things from getting too hot while on court and did I say it’s pink? :)…in a faux ostrich? Yes it’s quite unusual in a very fun way.

Sports Chic Tennis Bag

For men:
If don’t mind carrying your racquets, this Nike Court Tech duffel does the job carrying all the extras. No fluff, just very cool. I have seen this under Rafa’s arm. Just saying…

Nike court duffle


Another for men, and this is on Brinke’s list too, Wilson’s Federer DNA Collection tennis bag. Don’t be afraid of the fact it says that it holds 12 racquets. To the average player, that means 2-4 racquets and everything else you need to carry, hat to shoes, to extra shirts, sweats, lunch, water bottle etc. It’s nice carrying just one bag and I really like that it’s so understated.

Roger Federer Wilson tennis bag

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