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Venus Williams debuts her latest fashion collection with a win

Venus Williams showed off a champion’s prowess with a win on Day 1 of the Australian Open. Venus is the oldest women in the women’s draw but proved that experience often prevails in even the most hard hitting matches. The fact that Venus can win at the game’s highest level, run a fitness fashion business (EleVen by Venus Williams – see more below) AND a home interiors business (V Starr Interiors) is mind boggling. Most pro players can only focus on the task at hand in order to win, but I digress.

Although V began wearing her latest, “Thika” collection in Auckland, Venus’ first match at AO gave her the opportunity to show off her showpiece Competitor tennis dress.

Here are the other pieces in the pretty group. They include some of EleVen’s most popular styles, the flutter skirt and race day tank:

Venus Williams EleVen tennis fashion collection

Update 1/18: Venus’ round 2’s outfit. Another win!

No word on the inspiration behind the gorgeous print but Googling Thika, I come up with a town in Kenya. It appears that while visiting the country, Venus found fashion inspiration from textiles in Nairobi’s fashion marketplace that sits very close to her collection’s namesake Thika.

Find it soon! TW USA and TW Europe.

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