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Genie Bouchard Pays Off Super Bowl Bet

You remember the Super Bowl. The Falcons had a huge lead, no chance they’d blow the game to the Patriots. So a fellow named John Goehrke decided to go onto Twitter and take his best shot.

Genie responded, “Sure.”

There was no way the Falcons could lose. Except…they decided to collapse, losing to the Patriots in grand fashion.

Bouchard, true to her word, paid up on the bet. The two did indeed go out on a date last night, in New York City to see the Nets NBA game. She was in town as part of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, which she is in. A night neither one of them will forget, to be sure! (UPDATE: They’re going to go out on another date, too. Whoever the guy is in this photo with her, I’d start to be concerned.)

This is better than The Bachelor.

Genie Bouchard at Nets game

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