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Top Fashion Designers Adored By Tennis Players

Marai Sharapova front row at fashion show

Athletes are among the world’s most influential trendsetters –this is especially true when it comes to tennis players, female tennis players, to be exact. Stay with us and find out how they are changing the world of fashion and setting the hottest trends in the industry wearing their favorite designers.

Tennis Players Fashion
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The fact that tennis is much more than just a sport today shouldn’t be surprising at all – especially because it has become heavily intertwined with fashion. The modernization and broadcast of sport in general has made it much more relevant, and the truth is that tennis has become a perfect fusion of athleticism and fashion which attracts more attention than ever.

Serena Williams Fashion
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Serena Williams – the ultimate fashion queen

No one understands the connection between tennis and fashion better than Serena Williams. She’s the woman who has appeared on the cover of Vogue, not only once – but twice, making her the ultimate fashion queen and one of the most influential ladies of tennis, both when it comes to sport and to fashion. Haute couture is no mystery for her, she has worn glamorous outfits at dozens of events.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Serena’s stunning Michael Costello cut-out mermaid dress, combined with 14 Karats of Beverly Hills jewelry, worn at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars Party? Her athletic physique looked completely stunning in such a feminine dress, which just shows that tennis players can wear far more than athletic gear beautifully. Serena looks truly fierce and powerful no matter what she wears, which is exactly what makes her one of Anna Wintour’s favorite tennis stars.

Ana Ivanovic Fashion
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Ana Ivanovic as the latest fashion icon

Even though she announced her retirement from tennis at the end of 2016, this Serbian tennis player definitely has so much more to offer – not only when it comes to sports. Ana Ivanovic was said to be one of the most beautiful women is tennis, and we would lie if we claimed otherwise – this woman’s natural beauty beats everything!

When it comes to fashion, Ana can definitely be described as one of tennis’ hottest fashion icons. Marrying German football player Bastian Schweinsteiger in a Suzie Turner haute couture wedding gown placed her at the top of our list featuring the most stylish women in sports. And that’s not it – we mustn’t forget her Ralph & Russo gold dress, embellished with Chopard jewels. Well done, Ana!

Maria Sharapova Fashion
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Maria Sharapova hand in hand with Anna Wintour

Maria Sharapova has always been considered one of the most beautiful women in tennis, and we can also add that her fashion choices have been flawless, too. She appeared at the Vera Wang New York Fashion Show in September 2016, where she sat right to fashion leader Anna Wintour. Maria wore a provocative black jumpsuit with a plunging neckline. This piece was, conveniently enough, signed by the one and only Vera Wang.

Sharapova is undoubtedly a woman of class, who showed her love of Alexander McQueen at the world premiere of Porsche’s new Macan SUV in LA, California a few years ago. The black flared dress she wore was flawlessly matched with Christian Louboutins ‘Estanodo’ patent-leather ankle boots, which was a winning combination that showed Maria’s savviness in the world of fashion. We are quite certain that the new Alexander McQueen for Women SS17 Collection will also be a hit with the fashionista!

As you can see, each one of these ladies is uniquely true to herself; each one is truly a contemporary fashion icons. They really mean business both when it comes to tennis and to fashion, which is why they are so influential and loved by the major fashion houses and designers today.

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  1. Maria and Ana are both glamour girls and no doubt, two of the most marketable tennis players. Serena is very chic too. I really think the natural beauty of Ana beats everyone. Even without make up, she can still wear clothes stylishly and in a very chic way.

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    The men were rock stars Borg, Gerulitis, McEnroe also carried it in their off court fashion. 70’s Vintage was the greatest early Tacchini, Elesse, Fila very Italian very well cut.
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